Unique hotel of the SA which has converted it into an “aerotel” [photos]



A disused passenger plane has been converted to the Aviator Boutique Hotel in the African bushveld. The bespoke hotel, located near Hoedspruit, is the place to go for a unique opportunity to spend the night in luxury aboard an airplane.

Located near South Africa’s largest National Game Reserve, the hotel offers aviation enthusiasts and adventurous guests the option of overnighting in a Boeing 737, as well as the option of enjoy the wildlife of the nearby Kruger National Park.

According to Getaway, the aerotel was the brainchild of Martin and Tracy den Dunnen, who dreamed of converting a retired plane into a new accommodation facility instead of ending up as junk in a junkyard.


The aerotel includes two Boeing planes. The first – a Boeing 737 – arrived in 2019, now offers six double cabins with private bathrooms named after different cloud formations. Each room is decorated with an aviation theme.

The second, a Boeing 727 that arrived in June this year, is still being converted to luxury accommodation. The new aircraft will be transformed into a VIP suite, which visitors can reserve for exclusive use.

Accommodation on board the Boeing 737. Image via Facebook @ Aerotel.Hoedspruit


This aerotel offers its guests views of the surrounding mountain ranges and the bushveld while staying in a refurbished airplane.

The hotel’s “departures lounge” is the perfect sunset spot, with some of the aircraft’s original seats. Adjoining this is a mosaic swimming pool with a bar and terrace, which are an ideal retreat during the heat of the day.

Pool area and bar. Image via Facebook @ Aerotel.Hoedspruit

The facility opened last year and is expanding with the second aircraft still in development.

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