United States of America. Trump’s company hid millions of dollars in fees from foreign governments


The United States House of Representatives committee said on Friday that the Trump Organization, the company of former President Donald Trump, was hiding millions of dollars in fees from foreign governments that it paid at its downtown hotel. city ​​of Washington.

The hotel grossed $ 70 million. Losses during Trump’s tenure, despite foreign governments paying $ 3.7 million for hotel services, which is a conflict of interest given that the current president was also the owner, has writes the Associated Press, citing experts.

The financial problems of the former president of the United States

Due to the hotel’s losses, Trump was forced to ask Deutsche Bank to temporarily halt loan repayments. The congressional committee noted that the suspension was “undisclosed preferential treatment (by the bank)” of the customer.

The Trump Organization has been trying to sell the 263-room hotel since 2019, but no buyers have yet been found, reports the Associated Press.

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In July, New York State authorities charged Trump with tax evasion in the amount of PLN 900,000. dollar.

Trump compared the actions of the New York attorney general’s office against the Trump organization to political persecution in communist countries.


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