Victoria’s Dine Around and Stay in Town Promotion


Dine around and stay in town until February 6. During the annual promotion, restaurants and hotels offer deals on meals and rooms.

Restaurants and hotels taking part in the annual Dine Around and Stay in Town promotion for the Capital Region’s hospitality sector are offering ‘screaming bargains’, said the managing director of Destination Greater Victoria.

The event kicked off on Thursday and will run until February 6.

The popular promotion, launched about 15 years ago, aims to attract customers during a quiet time of year for restaurants and hotels.

This is especially important these days given the blows the sector has taken from the pandemic.

About 50 restaurants and 12 hotels participate, as in other years.

Restaurants offer three-course meals with options ranging from $20 to $60 for set menus. Diners can visit a restaurant or directly order takeout.

Daily hotel rates range from $129 to $249.

This is the first year that Frankie’s Modern Diner, 910 Government St., has participated in Dine Around. “We see this as a wonderful marketing opportunity,” said general manager Lee Tanner.

Frankie’s offers two Dine Around menus, $30 and $40, featuring customer favorites. Anyone wanting take-out can call the restaurant directly.

For locals and visitors who participate, “it’s a great way to support our hotel and restaurant members as we rebuild our industry and prepare for what should be a strong spring and summer for the economy of visitors to Greater Victoria,” said Paul Nursey, CEO of Destination Greater Victoria, organizing partner of Dine Around.

“Last year, Dine Around was a huge success. He really hit the mark. The restaurants were very busy so we are hoping for something similar again this year.

Chefs are taking the opportunity to try new culinary ideas and innovations ahead of the traditional busy season, Nursey said. The event also generates revenue during an off-peak period.

Research from last year confirmed that Victoria has the most restaurants per capita in Canada, he said.

“We are truly grateful for the wealth of amenities in our culinary scene and we want that to continue.”

Last year saw a “pretty decent year of welcome” delivered between June and just before Christmas, when the Omicron COVID-19 variant arrived, he said.

Nursey hopes Dine Around and Stay in Town will revive the sector and provide momentum as spring and summer approaches.

For the Dine Around promotion to work financially for restaurants, they need to plan ahead and work with their supply chains, local growers and producers, Nursey said.

Restaurant managers said they typically acquire new customers through Dine Around when people first taste their place and a percentage will return, he said.

“It’s really important for them strategically.”

“Restaurants cannot rely solely on regulars. They need to expand their customer base all the time.

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