Walton TV attracts buyers to Romania


Bangladeshi electronics giant Walton branded television has received a positive response from buyers in Romania.

In Romania, Walton brand TV is ahead of other global brands in terms of market competitiveness due to its high picture quality, product durability, affordability and functionality and design. peak.

According to authorities in Walton, the Bangladeshi multinational electronics brand manufactures European design and standard televisions with advanced features in its own factory, according to a press release.

After responding to national inquiries, they exported TVs labeled “Made in Bangladesh” to many European countries including Germany, Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Poland and Croatia as original equipment manufacturer.

Along with its TV exports to Europe as an OEM, Walton started exporting TVs to Romania under its own brand in April this year.

Saeed Al Imran, vice president of Walton’s International Business Unit and also in charge of the Romanian market, said: “In Romania there are 1.5 million TV markets per year, which is very competitive.

KTN Technology, a well-known Romanian consumer electronics marketing company, markets Walton brand television as an authorized distributor. They supply Walton TVs to major Romanian chains and superstores, as well as consumer electronics showrooms.

And also, they do massive publicity through leaflets. As a result, Walton TV was able to grab the attention of Romanian buyers in a very short time.

And, Walton TV’s high quality image, durability, affordability, design and features to European standards result in receiving a sound response from Romanian buyers.

KTN Technology plans to release 1 lakh of Walton TV units in Romania in 2021, saying Imran hopes the Walton brand will be successful in the Romanian market using the high quality of the products and their long term business experience.

Walton TV Chief Business Engineer (CBO) Mostafa Nahid Hossain said they have been exporting TVs to the European market as OEMs for the past two years.

During this short period, they were able to expand the export of television to around 11 countries in Europe. As a result, Walton recorded 10 times more exports of its televisions to Europe in 2020 than the previous year. And total TV exports to Europe in 2020 were surpassed in the first five months of this year (January to May).

The Walton brand has got off to a good start in the European market via Romania, added Mosatfa Nahid Hossain, they are now working to meet the targets of expanding television exports to 21 European countries this year.

Sources say Walton exports ‘Made in Bangladesh’ labeled televisions through more than 100 trading partners in more than 35 countries. Walton TV’s total exports are 34% to Denmark, 16% to Germany, 22% to Greece, 15% to Croatia and Ireland, 6% to Poland and 5% to Africa and other countries.

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