War Ukraine Russia LIVE: Chernobyl personnel ‘held at gunpoint’ for fear of another disaster – Reuters


Chernobyl is in danger of another nuclear disaster due to exhausted personnel struggling under the threat of a Russian weapon, according to reports.

The mayor of a town housing factory workers, Yuri Fomichev, has warned of a ‘total disaster’ as supplies of food and fuel run out – including emergency generators for the backup control of the plant’s security systems, according to reports.

Russia has held the site since the early days of the invasion.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson was greeted at Abu Dhabi airport by British Ambassador to the UAE Patrick Moody and UAE Presidential Advisor Anwar Gargash.

He travels to the Gulf states amid a global crisis over gas prices due to both the Russian invasion of Ukraine and crippling sanctions imposed on the Kremlin.

The prime minister downplayed his chances of getting the Gulf states to increase their oil production during his trip to the region. Speaking to broadcasters at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, he said: “It’s not just about looking at OPEC countries and what they can do to increase supply, even if this is important, there is also the issue of Emirati investment in the UK wind farms, already huge, what more can they do.”

Moscow did not capture any of Ukraine’s 10 largest cities after its incursion and Ukrainian officials expressed hope that the war could end sooner than expected, possibly by May, saying Moscow could agree his failure to impose a new government by force and the running from fresh troops.

“Meetings are continuing and, according to my information, the positions during the negotiations already seem more realistic. video on Wednesday, before the next round of talks.

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