Watch: The world’s largest plane smashes its way through the fog



The arrival of the world’s largest aircraft at any airport normally attracts aviation enthusiasts, but a recent landing by Antonov Airlines’ An-225 Mriya had even more of an impact than usual.

The giant plane landed at a very foggy Rzeszow airport in Poland earlier this week. Footage shows the An-225 emerging overhead and then slicing its way through fog, much to the excitement of aircraft observers on the ground.

It was later reported that the flight had in fact suffered damage to its landing gear.

Aviation website single flight said a “bolt securing the sensors had been ‘cut’ on the right landing gear bracket” of the cargo plane.

The giant plane makes its way through the fog.

Maciej N via Newsflare/AP

The giant plane makes its way through the fog.

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Built by the Soviet Union, only one An-225 was completed. It is registered in the Ukrainian civil registry UR-82060 and specializes in transporting oversized equipment and goods.

The aircraft, which first flew in 1988, can carry up to 640 tonnes and is powered by six engines on its wings. Its wingspan of 88 meters is the largest of any aircraft.

In 2010, it carried the world’s longest air cargo, two 42.1m test wind turbine blades from Tianjin, China to Skrydstrup, Denmark. A year earlier, it was carrying the heaviest cargo ever sent by air freight, a generator for a gas-fired power plant in Armenia which weighed 189 tonnes.

A smaller version of the plane, the An-124 Ruslan, made its Auckland appearance in 2020. It was delivering new engines for Air New Zealand’s Dreamliner fleet.

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