Watertown medical assistant to help care for Ukrainian war refugees



WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – You may be familiar with the name Milly Smith. She is an outspoken reformer of Watertown schools and a medical assistant who owns an urgent care service in Watertown.

What you might not know is that she travels to Eastern Europe to help care for refugees from the war in Ukraine.

“Some of the things the delegation was asked to bring are just simple things for us that we take for granted. Vitamin C, Tylenol, ibuprofen, some of the basic over-the-counter medications we take for granted,” she said.

Smith will travel first to Krakow, Poland, to treat refugees there, and then to Ukraine. The trip is the work of “One Heart”, an Israeli group that provides humanitarian aid around the world.

“We actually go to Lviv, which is a neighboring Ukrainian village, and cross the border to provide medical services to – they have medical tents there,” she said.

One Heart has traveled to Poland for a week at a time since the start of the war. This will be Smith’s first trip.

“We’ve been briefed on some of the things we’re going to see, so I expect it to be a very emotional experience,” she said.

Smith believes more help will be needed beyond medical care and emotional support.

“They’re going to be providing all the support services, taking them to the store, getting them food, providing clothes, giving toys to the kids, so it’s not just a medical perspective, but this One Heart organization is really doing a cohesive work, a whole humanitarian effort,” she said.

Smith says she didn’t expect this rewarding opportunity – a chance where she will learn about how people live in times of war and bring mental, emotional and physical relief.

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