We at No 10 know that reducing the size of government must be a priority



The Prime Minister promised change – and change has happened. The UK is moving forward, the Prime Minister is leading the charge and I am proud to be at his side as the new Chief of Staff in Downing Street.

We are making sure that together we have the right team in place to pursue our core priorities: uniting and leveling the country, putting thousands more people into jobs, and rebuilding after two difficult years of the pandemic. We are ensuring that we have structures in place in No 10 – the historic heart of government – ​​so that ministers are empowered to act quickly. And we make sure we focus on listening carefully to those who connect with communities across the country, work so hard on their behalf, and know what changes people need most in their daily lives – our MPs. .

This is a Prime Minister who won an 80-seat majority, kicked off Brexit and then led the country through the pandemic – which, barring the armed conflict, has been the greatest test of national resilience in the living memory of most people. Now he is making the changes to government that will allow us to adapt to life with COVID-19[female[feminineeliminating arrears, getting the economy back into full gear – and, most importantly, he is looking closely at where he can reduce the size of the state.

As a nation, we have spent £400billion fighting the pandemic. Leave schemes alone have supported a total of 11.7million jobs and livelihoods at a cost of £70billion. We have invested in the vaccines that have saved lives and brought us out of lockdowns, and in the testing programs and free lateral flow tests that have been so crucial. These were the right decisions, and it is thanks to them that we have been able to bounce back to become the fastest growing economy in the G7 in 2021.

Now it is a priority to restore a small state – both financially and by taking a step back from people’s lives. It is time to return to a more empowering approach. Trusting people, empowering communities, and freeing businesses to deliver.

I know how frustrating the past few weeks of speculation about how government works have been — for the people of this country and for fellow politicians. But the Prime Minister apologized for the things we just didn’t do well and for the way some issues were handled. And knowing the Prime Minister like me, he is the person best placed to carry out the mission of renewal and recovery.

For my part, as Cabinet Minister and Chief of Staff, I will have a unique opportunity to be both an adviser and a driver. Liaise and listen; to advise but also to act, whether to strengthen data analysis and understanding of issues across Whitehall or to eliminate inefficiencies in delivery across government to ensure that the center of government works like the best managed companies.

Already, work is underway. Along with Cabinet Secretary Simon Case and Samantha Jones, who has been appointed Acting Chief Operating Officer No. 10 and Permanent Secretary with a wealth of experience in both the public and private sectors, I will tackle the work of integration of the new office of the Prime Minister. Minister more effectively with the Cabinet Office.

Over the years, as No 10 has grown, a Prime Minister’s Department has been recommended by a number of think tanks. In addition to supporting the head of government, a dedicated service would streamline communication.

After the parliamentary recess this week, the Prime Minister will present a plan so that everyone can live with COVID-19[female[feminine. Last Friday’s decision to further ease travel restrictions will encourage business and leisure bookings and help revive the aviation sector. And in a fortnight – provided the data continues its encouraging trend – everything COVID-19[female[feminine the regulations in England must be abolished. If the Prime Minister can consider advancing this, it is partly thanks to the hard work of the British people, who have also contributed to our economic recovery.

We know families are facing rising costs of living, which is why the Prime Minister and Chancellor earlier this month proposed a support package to help households pay their energy bills. The Prime Minister is eager to revive the economy and determined to build more efficient and responsive public services. He is the leader in capitalizing on the benefits of Brexit – changing our laws to better reflect Britain’s needs. And, through the Leveling White Paper, it aims to balance the UK more evenly. These are the core values ​​of the Conservative Party.

The coming week will see the Prime Minister leave Westminster and travel to Scotland, the North East and other parts of the UK to focus on people’s priorities and see how we are improving their communities. He will champion important national policies – like apprenticeships that provide opportunities for people to earn by learning and gaining work experience. And he will continue to work with our allies to maintain peace in Europe, as he did last week in Brussels with our NATO partners, and in Poland with our armed forces.

From local to global, it’s a prime minister who does the work. The whole government is ready to help deliver.

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