When is the next travel advisory? Countries on the red list that could change to orange in the next update


Turkey could move from Red List to Orange List after the next government review of travel rules.

The popular vacation destination has been on the redlist for months, since it moved to the high-risk category in May.

After a few disastrous months for the Turkish holiday industry, WalesOnline reports that Turkey could finally be transferred to the orange list.

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An average of 2.3 million British tourists have flown to Turkish resorts each year before the pandemic, but this year has seen the potential vacation plans of millions of Britons crushed.

However, the data now shows that the Covid situation in Turkey is more promising.

Paul Charles, founder of travel consulting firm PC Agency, said Turkey “deserves a lot” to be on the Amber List because of the standard of Covid security policies it has in place that have helped reduce infection rates.

Travel expert Simon Calder has also predicted that Turkey will be elevated to the amber category in the next system review, which is expected next week.

But, now that the summer holidays are over, this move is unlikely to be enough for many Turkish companies and operators who depend on the income of British tourists.

The Maldives, another red-listed destination, could also be moved to amber with declining infection rates and a vaccination program moving at a rapid pace. Meanwhile, Poland and Hungary could get green status due to improved data.

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But that’s not all good news. Several Caribbean islands are expected to change from green to amber, including Grenada and Dominica. Montserrat, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, although this has not been confirmed.

The Portuguese island of Madeira could also turn from green to amber.

A review is expected next week, around September 16, and it could be the last to use the traffic light system, as recent reports suggest the government is hoping to remove the green and amber lists.

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